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Interview booking for companies

To hold interviews with the matches you have received from a matching event, you can use Cruitive's interview booking. The interview booking is accessed by clicking on a matching event and then in the left panel click on "Interview booking". The host for the event chooses when the interview booking opens, before that you will see a message stating that the interview booking is closed. You will be notified by e-mail when the interview booking is open.

The interview booking has three states that affect when you as a company can create bookable interview times and when matches can be booked for interview times:

  1. Closed for companies and matches - in this situation, neither you as a company can choose times or candidates to book interviews.
  2. Open to companies - in this mode you can create bookable interview times. Here it is important to ensure that you pick enough time slots so that all matches can book themselves for interviews.
  3. Interview booking open for matches - in this situation, matches can pick interview time slots chosen by the companies. Companies can still add times, e.g. if all existing time slots are booked.

The host for the matching event choose how you create your bookable times. There are two options:

Option 1 - The host chooses time slots

The host for the event create the bookable interview times that you as a company have to choose from. In this mode you will be able to see a table under the heading "Available times" where all times created by the host are displayed. Click on "Add" at the times that suit you, you will then be presented with a dialogue where you can choose for which talent profiles the time should be bookable. At a later stage, your host will notify your matches when they have the possibility to book the time slots you have chosen.

Option 2 - Create your own time slots

The host ​​have made it possible for you as a company to create your own bookable interview times. In this situation, you can choose for yourself when your interviews will take place. Inside the page for interview booking, you can click on the button "+ Add interview time slot" to create bookable times. You are presented with a dialog where you can set the title, description, location and meeting link in the first segment. This information will be included in the form of a calendar invitation that a match receives when it has selected one of the times. So if, for example, you have a link to a meeting room on a video meeting service, you can paste this in the field "Meeting link". In the second segment you add the interview times you want to use and in the last segment you choose for which talent profiles the interview times should apply.

Once you have selected or created your bookable interview times, you can follow the booking status of the times under the tab "Booking status" inside the page for interview booking. The host often sends out invitations to matches for interview booking, but if you want to do it yourself, you can go to "Matches" and click on the three dots at the end of each row in the table and click on "Invite to interview". An e-mail will then be sent to the selected match with a link to the interview booking.